The Game Genre Cheat-Sheet

There are a LOT of gaming genres. It can be tough to keep them straight.

Yet to be able to understanding your gamer, or the gaming community in general, a basic knowledge of the major genres is important.

Game Genres You Need to Know:

If video games aren’t your thing, or if you haven’t played since Pong, this could seem overwhelming. I promise, this is just a small taste of the total number of genreas. Wikipedia lists over 70.

One lesson to remember as we look at genres: No one games for the same reasons.

Gamer Diversity

It is easy to paint all gamers with the same brush and say “well they play video games, therefore they’re like every other gamer”. This is both erroneous and will cause confusion when different gamers show different behaviors, tendencies or levels of health. Every gamer you meet is unique and plays for their own reasons. Different video games are exciting to different gamers for different reasons.

Many gamers will not even try all of the genres listed below. Many will find a genre or two that they really enjoy and stay put.

Two things to take away from this list

  1. Gamers think games are fun for different reasons. Just because they play video games doesn’t mean they will like every game, or even every game genre.
  2. Specifics about each genre and roughly what they entail. This list is still growing, so be sure to check back for the most recent updates.

Fun Fact

Many gamers would rather play one of the oldest games available in a genre they love before they’ll play the newest version of a genre they hate (or are at least indifferent to).

Fun Fun Fact

I would personally rather play Kings Quest 5 from 1990 before I would pick up a controller and play Fifa 2015. Realistic sports games: Kill me now!

Kings Quest V: The best of the 1990s. Photo: Sierra On-Line
Fifa 2015 by EA Sports could be used for torture in my opinion Photo:








Live Links

These links will go live as I finish posts talking about what each of them deal with. It was one HUGE post and I realized it wasn’t going to be helpful to anyone. So I’m breaking into smaller ones and I’ll address some of what the genre entails as well as try and give the non-gamer some understanding of what draws people into playing that type of game. Thank you for reading!