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Why is Gaming Addiction a Thing?


Games: Cooler than Real Life Just ask any gamer and they’ll be able to tell you: Video games are awesome. As one of my students put it recently: “I can do way cooler stuff in a video game”. I guess he’s got a point. Only in video games can I create a home, life, city, world of my choice without leaving my chair. I can take part in an epic journey, save an entire universe and get away with dangers, risks and choices I’d never live down, or through, in real life. Yet saying gamers play video games because of…

Super Mario Odyssey: Game Review

Mario Odyssey Game Review

The Mario Dynasty Returns Super Mario Odyssey is an action-adventure game worth buying. You play as Mario, the veteran hero of three decades of video games, as he works to overthrow his age old nemesis Bowser. This game allows free-exploration and adventure for players of all ages. The game is built around the player’s ability to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and save the day. This game is similar in many ways to Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  The Verdict: Safe for Kids Game Grade Parent Approved Hero: 10/10 Mario is a problem solver who uses his brain and his brawn.…

Doom (2016): Game Review

DOOM: Review Details - why this game scored how it scored.

DOOM is Not Worth The Journey DOOM (2016) is part first-person shooter, part survival-horror. You play as a space marine stranded on Mars.  A portal has been opened to hell and you are the only one who can stop it. The game’s tagline is “Fight like hell”. I’ve said elsewhere that DOOM is a one-trick pony. The goal is to kill a variety of demons and purge the evil from this reality. Of course, this can only be done through incredibly intense and graphic violence. The Verdict: Skip It Parent Approved Hero: 2/10 Your hero fights for what he believes is good.…