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3 Words for Overwatch: Big, Bright, and Bullies

overwatch: Big, Bright, Bullies

3 Words: Big, Bright, and Bullies Overwatch has set the standard as an engaging fps for players of all ability levels. Yet Overwatch struggles to maintain balance between its ambitions of being a trend-setting fps and being an engaging and welcoming gaming community. Basically, Overwatch can be summed up with three words: Big, Bright, and Bullies. Big – Overwatch League: The Goal of Global Domination Overwatch doesn’t want to be just another shooter. Blizzard has set its sites on creating America’s first premiere first person shooter (fps) gaming league. Overwatch League is an official professional gaming league specifically for Overwatch. This isn’t just for…

Overwatch: Game Review

Game Review: Overwatch

Overwatch: Accessible FPS Overwatch is a fast-paced fantasy first-person shooter (fps) created by Blizzard Entertainment. Players choose heroes who are part of an international task force to bring peace and order to the world. The tagline for this game is: “The World Needs Heroes.” The gameplay and combat are mostly safe for young gamers. However, the pace of the game is highly-stimulating. Additionally, the game can only be played online and the competitors have been growing steadily less friendly. This game is one to watch for attitude and behavior changes in your gamer. The Verdict: Skip It Game Grade Parent Approved…