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3 Ways to Battle the Tech Tap-Tap

The Tech Tap-Tap

The Tech Tap-Tap I am at the local YMCA waiting to pick my boys up from childcare. I’m several people back in line. As I assess the situation the first thought through my mind is: “This is going to be a couple minutes” The next thought through my mind is: “I wonder if anyone has messaged me today.” My family calls this the smart phone “tap tap”. It’s like your phone just sits on your shoulder and occasionally taps you in the brain as a reminder to come back. It’s easy to use tech as an escape from boredom. It…

Zelda Breath of the Wild: Game Review

Zelda- breath of the wild, grade breakdown

Zelda: An Adventure Worth Taking Zelda Breath of the Wild (BotW) puts you into the wild world of Hyrule as Link: An intrepid adventurer called upon to defeat the evil forces of Ganon. With the help of mythical creatures, special powers, and amazing weaponry (master sword and glider included), Link must solve puzzles and overcome obstacles to save the day. Parent Approved Hero: 9/10 The protagonist (Link) is a famous hero who has historically fought against evil. Link’s motivation is solid: Save the planet from unmitigated evil. Protect those who can’t protect themselves. Problem solving is key. Very few fights…

Zelda: An Epic Adventure

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Game Review

Zelda: An Epic Adventure Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW) is a massive open-world action-adventure game that puts you in control of a daring hero (Link) who sets out to save the world from certain destruction. The Zelda franchise has been active since 1986 and is known for: Epic adventures: Free roaming fun Creative challenges: Lots of puzzles, use of tools and problem solving Engaging their audience: You feel like you are part of the story It’s not every day you sell 86 million of your game. A Classic Adventure Zelda BoTW starts much like it’s predecessor 30 years ago: Link is…