Gamer Revolution

The Gamer Revolution

Technology is amazing. We use it every day to improve our lives, communicate with others, and engage a vibrant world full of ideas, opportunities and decisions. So why a gamer revolution?

Technology has seeped into parts of our lives beyond the point of being helpful. We see this when we:

  • Check our phones out of habit instead of purpose.
  • Scroll social media even while telling ourselves “There’s nothing useful here!”.
  • Stay up way too late with our favorite tech: Netflix, gaming, texting, social media.

In fact, we all probably can think of someone in our life who has used their technology as an escape rather than a benefit. They’ve turned to tech instead of dealing with real life. If we’re honest, we can probably think of a time we’ve done that ourselves.

Resources and information

This site is a resource for parents of young gamers to:

The goal of the revolution

Gamer Revolution’s goal is to see young people who have healthful, balanced lives and can enjoy everything positive this world has to offer. Life is too short to be bored. I firmly believe that we are created for amazement. Every one of us is hardwired for:

  • Joy
  • Relationship
  • Healthful interaction

We are programmed for that awe-factor we have as children and seem to lose with age.

If we are to continue growing and being inspired in a healthy way, we need to change the way we game.