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5 Keys to Choosing Great Board Games

How to choose a great board game

What Makes a Great Board Game? The most important part of selecting a good board game: Know your audience. When choosing a game you need to know who will be playing. A great game or six year olds may be incredibly boring for a group of junior higher. Also, simply being someone’s “favorite game ever” isn’t enough. Brain Food Think of great board games like food for your brain: When choosing real food, there is no single dish that everyone will like. Tastes differ even among the most experienced eaters. Same with games. Two veteran board gamers may like completely…

4 Steps for Choosing a Great Book

How to pick a great teen book

Finding a Great Book It can be tough to choose a great book. Do we look at the cover? Go off what our friends like? What if we simply hate reading? Learning how to choose books that engage us and challenge is us more than just what we do with our free time. It’s part of growing up and learning who we are. “But I Hate Reading” As a junior high English teacher I run into this all the time: I walk into the library with my class, introduce a genre and set the students loose to find something great.…

Ticket to Ride: Board Game Review

Ticket to Ride: A board game for every player

Ticket to Ride: A great game for any age People are always looking for a family activity where they can uplug from the t.v., cell phones, video games, and activities that draw us apart, and do something together. Board games are a great option, and Ticket to Ride is a crowd pleaser that fits well with any number of playing environments. family game night kids playing with friends board game nights with adult friends board game club at a junior high (I’ve done it. It’s awesome.) trying to win Uncle of the Year award with nieces and nephews (done that too) This…