Parent Approved Hero


Appropriate Combat


Constructive Language


Spiritually Sound


Family Safe


Safe for Time and Money


Positive Message



  • High-end graphics
  • Gripping storyline
  • Engaging gameplay
  • FPS + RPG advancement


  • Horror / suspense
  • Intense violence
  • Realistic gore and death
  • Ability to kill innocent
  • Mature Themes

Prey Earns its Mature Rating:

Prey is a first person shooter with elements of horror that takes place on a space station infested by aliens. The main character, Morgan Yu, must use a plethora of weapons (GLOO gun, shotgun, Q-Beam) and special abilities (super thermal, lift field, kinetic blast) to overcome the monster invasion and escape.

This game was originally released in 2006, but never released the promised sequel. This new game is a re-vamping of the series. The newest version has less swearing and sexuality than the original. It still earns the mature rating due to intense violence, use of alcohol, and gore. 


For a quick feel on the intensity of this game, check out the trailer here:

Parent Approved Hero: 7/10

  • The protagonist (Morgan Yu) is a scientist working on a special project.
  • Morgan’s initial motivation is to do his best.
  • His motivation quickly changes to figuring out how to escape.
  • Morgan’s survival instincts involve killing stuff.
  • Sometimes he chooses to kill unarmed innocent.
  • You can problem-solve, although alien organ harvesting is a big part of the game.

Appropriate Combat:  3/10

  • There is a lot of fighting. Also lots of blood.
  • You have the choice to kill enemies, and friendlies, in some pretty intense ways.
  • While there aren’t glory kills, there is a lot of very intense killing.

Constructive Language: 7/10

  • There is some swearing along the lines of sh*t.

Spiritually Sound: 4/10

  • There are some serious magic-esk abilities in this game.
  • The abilities aren’t demon-powered (spoilers involved if I explain). Read more here.
  • The use of these special powers enhance your ability to deal massive damage.
  • Enemies include some terrifying options such as nightmares and mimics who give off a certain hellish vibe.
prey - nightmare
Prey: Nightmare
Prey: mimics

Family Safe: 2/10

  • suspense / horror is a major part of the game. Enemies hide in plain sight, stalk you and terrorize you.
  • Fighting is fast-paced, immersive and explosive
  • The presence of other-worldly aliens bent on destroying humans is disturbing
  • Intense themes of survival against all odds
  • Some swearing

Safe for Time and Money : 6/10

  • Prey (2017) takes about 15 hours to beat, or 25 with side missions.
  • There aren’t any DLC or other purchasable content for Prey (2017).
  • You can quick-save if you need to, and the game autosaves, so long play sessions are not required.
  • Prey has a highly-engaging story with  LOTS of upgrades you can earn, so players will be disinclined to stop (they’ll want to play until their eyes explode).

Positive Message: 3/10

  • There is very little hope throughout the storyline of Prey.
  • The only hope you do have is in power, hiding, and enhancing your abilities to destroy.
  • There are multiple endings for the game. None of them are hopeful. Thought provoking, maybe, but certainly not positive.

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