Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Parent Approved Hero


    Appropriate Combat


      Constructive Language


        Spiritually Sound


          Family Safe


            Safe for Time and Money


              Positive Messages



                • Incredible Story
                • Beautiful artwork
                • Fun gameplay for wide age range
                • Great continuation of a series


                • Long game play (42+ hours)
                • Downloadable content ($20)
                • Highly engaging story can make it hard to stop
                • Nintendo Switch makes it accessible anywhere (hard to leave it)
                • Some mild mature themes

                Zelda: An Epic Adventure

                Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a massive open-world action-adventure game that puts you in control of a daring hero (Link) who sets out to save the world from certain destruction.

                The Zelda franchise is one of the oldest and most successful games series ever. Over 86 million copies of Zelda games have been sold since 1986. Zelda games define what an action-adventure game could be, specifically:

                • Epic adventures
                • Creatively challenging
                • Engage their audience: You feel like you are part of the story

                The Adventure Begins

                Every game starts roughly the same: Link, the main hero, is on a daring quest to save princess Zelda.

                The player then begins a series of increasingly audacious quests building up skills, weapons and hearts (your life bar) in order to overcome evil and save the day.

                Along the way you meet dangers, puzzles, an assortment of awesome tools (hook-shot, bombs, the master sword) and a variety of baddies.

                zelda, nes, a great action adventure
                Zelda on the original Nintendo defined Action-Adventure games.
                zelda, SNES, action-adventure
                The Legend of Zelda (Super Nintendo) established the franchise for years to come. Don’t even get me started on those angry chickens!











                Breath of the Wild: The Adventure Continues

                Zelda: Breath of the Wild starts much the same as the previous games. You start as Link who has awoken from a 100 year slumber. To start your adventure you are given a:

                • slate (basically an iPad)
                • brief introduction 
                • prompt kick sending you into the unknown wiles of the Kingdom of Hyrule.

                To get a feel for just how expansive this adventure is, check out the trailer:

                Zelda: A Parent’s Dream Game

                For parents of gamers, Zelda hits the sweet spot:

                • Zelda is loaded with adventure and exploration
                • No gore – all violence is cartoonish
                • Varied lengths of play time
                • Story is the focus rather than simply killing
                • Graphics engage and accentuate the tale. They aren’t the reason to play

                Areas of Concern: Informed Switch-ing

                The Nintendo Switch brings out some of the best and worst aspects of gaming. The Switch is:

                • Portable
                • Includes popular game series
                • Social: the focus is back on playing in groups
                • Accessible to a wide age range

                All of those are great, and they come with special challenges. Be sure to be aware of the signs of unhealthy technology use. These signs are the technology version of a fever. The fever itself isn’t the problem. It tells us that something is wrong. When we see warning signs of unhealthy tech use, we take action as loving parents to support our child.

                An Adventure Worth Taking

                Zelda: Breath of the Wild hearkens back to what video games were created for – that sense of wonder and adventure that is larger than life. Yet it perfectly connects back to those parts of this world we understand:

                • A broken reality that needs a hero
                • Monsters and obstacles that block our way in life
                • Team work and determination are critical for success

                To see why Zelda: Breath of the Wild scored the way it did, read the Zelda: Breath of the Wild Grade Breakdown.