Doom (2016)


Parent Approved Hero


Appropriate Combat


Constructive Language


Spiritually Sound


Family Safe


Safe for Time and Money


Positive Messages



  • You kill demons


  • Celebrates brutality
  • Spiritually dark
  • Focus on causing gore
  • You're in hell. And that's the good news...

DOOM is Not Worth The Journey

DOOM (2016) is part first-person shooter, part survival-horror. You play as a space marine stranded on Mars.  A portal has been opened to hell and you are the only one who can stop it.

The game’s tagline is “Fight like hell”.

I’ve said elsewhere that DOOM is a one-trick pony. The goal is to kill a variety of demons and purge the evil from this reality. Of course, this can only be done through incredibly intense and graphic violence.

The Verdict: Skip It

PC: Bethesda Games
Cover art from the three DOOM game expansions. (PC: Bethesda Games)

Parent Approved Hero: 2/10

  • Your hero fights for what he believes is good. His beliefs are not up for sale.
  • There is no peace-making option: Violence is the only solution.
  • Your character seems to enjoy killing in creative ways.
  • There is an argument for the fact that he fights demons – yet his means of defeating them leaves questions for how much better he is than them.
    • A possible example from history: The Taliban defeated the Russian Communists in the 1980s. I wouldn’t say they were an upgrade…

Appropriate Combat:  1/10

  • DOOM involves a lot of goring killing with a lot of blood spatter.
  • This game is also a horror / survival game, so fear is an important part of the game design.
  • Monsters are designed to be hideous, to jump out at you, to make you feel suspense even when you’re not seeing them.
  • You dismember enemies, execute them in vivid detail, and are continually in hellish landscapes filled with  corpses of enemies and their victims.

Constructive Language: 2/10

  • swear words are in the storyline: “f**k”, “s**t”. These are part of the plot, so they can’t be skipped.
  • online play will result in MUCH higher swearing from other players.
  • taunts are a part of the multi-player game, but they are mostly humorous.

Spiritually Sound: 3/10

  • All enemies are hell-spawn in some way.
  • You beat back hell with a whole lotta shotgun shells and a can-do attitude.
  • Everything is somehow demonic: From the flesh-eating monsters to the pentagrams and goat heads. There is a lot of negative spiritual flavor to go around.
  • Doesn’t score lower because it doesn’t make those things look good. They are clearly bad. You just aren’t much better than them.

Family Safe: 1/10

  • Nope. See above (violence, swearing, death, gore, mindset that glorifies killing, demonic spirituality)
  • There are plenty of other games that are exciting and are better options.

Safe for Time and Money : 5/10

  • DOOM has a reasonable play time (15 hours. 25 to beat all side quests, etc).
  • It can be played in short sittings, so it doesn’t pose a specific risk for addictive gaming.
  • DOOM has three DLC to extend play time and online multiplayer, but does not push micro-transactions.

Positive Message: 2/10

  • DOOM specifically focuses on how tough you are, and how good you are at killing stuff.
  • This game was not intended to send a message or be a role model. Really the only lesson that can be learned is:
  • Shoot early. Shoot Often. Do not look to this game for your moral compass.

Gospel Connection

  • The Apostle Paul reminds us that we are not called to be fearful, but understand the power we have to love and be self-controlled. (2 Timothy 1:7) How does the gameplay in DOOM support and encourage this heart in us?
  • Jesus encourages us to remember that our hearts and actions show what we really believe. He compares our hearts and actions to trees and fruit. (Matthew 7:15-17) DOOM builds its fame around fear and violence. How does this line up with what God tells us to live for?

Game Alternatives

Splatoon: Game alternative for DOOM.

Splatoon (Wii U)A creative twist on shooters – it’s a team-oriented, paint-blasting good time for all ages.




uncharted 4: game alternative for DOOM

Uncharted 4 (Play Station 4): You are a treasure hunter with a solid series of games that focus on intense storyline, incredible graphics and doesn’t sacrifice action in the mean time.





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