DOOM (2016): Review Details

This portion of the game review explains how DOOM (2016) got the score it did. Go here to see the full DOOM review.

You can also look over the details of the Video Game Scoring Guide.

Parent Approved Hero: 2/10

  • Your hero fights for what he believes is good. His beliefs are not up for sale.
  • There is no peace-making option: Violence is the only solution.
  • Your character goes beyond the simple “call of duty” in killing his opponents: He seems to enjoy killing them in creative ways.
  • There is an argument for the fact that he fights demons – yet his means of defeating them leaves questions for how much better he is than them.
    • A possible example from history: The Taliban defeated the Russian Communists in the 1980s. I wouldn’t say they were an upgrade…

Appropriate Combat:  1/10

  • DOOM involves a lot of goring killing with a lot of blood spatter.
  • You will kill thousands of enemies throughout the game.
  • You dismember enemies, execute them in vivid detail, and are continually in hellish landscapes filled with  corpses of enemies and their victims.
  • There is massive blood-spatter, especially compared to other first person shooters. This is a large part of how it earned a Mature rating.
  • This game is also a horror / survival game, so fear is an important part of the game design. Monsters are designed to be hideous, to jump out at you, to make you feel suspense even when you’re not seeing them.

Constructive Language: 2/10

  • swear words are in the storyline: “f**k”, “s**t”. These are part of the plot, so they can’t be skipped.
  • online play will result in MUCH higher swearing from other players.
  • taunts are a part of the multi-player game, but they are mostly humorous.

Spiritually Sound: 3/10

  • All enemies are hell-spawn in some way.
  • You beat back hell with a whole lotta shotgun shells and a can-do attitude.
  • Everything is somehow demonic: From the flesh-eating monsters to the pentagrams and goat heads. There is a lot of negative spiritual flavor to go around.
  • Doesn’t score lower because it doesn’t make those things look good. They are clearly bad. You just aren’t much better than them.

Family Safe: 1/10

  • Nope. See all of the above (violence, swearing, death, gore, mindset that glorifies killing, demonic spirituality)
  • There are plenty of other games that involve shooting that are better options.

Safe for Time and Money : 7/10

  • DOOM has a reasonable play time (15 hours. 25 to beat all side quests, etc).
  • It can be played in short sittings, so it doesn’t pose a specific risk for addictive gaming.
  • There are DLC for DOOM, but they aren’t needed to compete in the basic parts of the game.
  • These scores are probably irrelevant since the problem with the game isn’t the game play itself, but the content of the game.

Positive Message: 2/10

DOOM specifically focuses on how tough you are, and how good you are at killing stuff. This game was not intended to send a message or be a role model. Really the only lesson that can be learned is:

  • Shoot early. Shoot Often.

Do not look to this game for your moral compass.