The Switch represents the best and worst of gaming.

The biggest advances for Nintendo are coming this next year as they get ready to release their newest gaming console: The Nintendo Switch. The Switch represents the best and the worst of gaming in a single console.

Oh sure, Nintendo recently made news by selling nearly 200,000 units of their throwback entertainment system, The NES Classic, in a single month. Nintendo has long made their standard the family-friendly, graphics-light, casual gamer category. But the Switch is hoping to take that to the next level.

The Best and the Worse: Watch this first.

To fully understand what I’m about to say, you’ll probably have to watch their promo trailer first.


The Nintendo Switch: The Best of Gaming

The switch is amazing. Let’s just go over some highlights. The Switch is:

To put it simply: The Nintendo Switch takes the perks of mobile gaming systems and merges the benefits of a full console.

  • You can play it anywhere
  • you’re games are simply tied to a console in your living room
  • you don’t have to quit playing awesome games just because you’re on a road trip.

This is every gamer’s dream.

Yet we know that not every gamer can be healthy and balanced of their own volition. That brings us the the tricky part: The Nintendo Switch as the Worst in Gaming.