Ticket to Ride


Parent Approved Game Play


Constructive Language


Spiritually Sound


Family Safe


Safe for Time and Money


Positive Messages



  • Beautiful artwork
  • fun for all ages
  • fits a range of game needs
  • unplug and still have fun!
  • only need to buy once


  • needs about 45 minutes to play

Ticket to Ride: A great game for any age

People are always looking for a family activity where they can uplug from the t.v., cell phones, video games, and activities that draw us apart, and do something together. Board games are a great option, and Ticket to Ride is a crowd pleaser that fits well with any number of playing environments.

  • family game night
  • kids playing with friends
  • board game nights with adult friends
  • board game club at a junior high (I’ve done it. It’s awesome.)
  • trying to win Uncle of the Year award with nieces and nephews (done that too)

This game has everything I look for in a board game:

  • The artwork is beautifully done
  • the rules are simple yet allow for complex game play
  • it appeals to a wide range of players



Ticket to Ride: Overview

Ticket to ride is for 2-5 players. Each of you is trying complete as many train routes across the US as you can to earn as many points as you can. The player with the most points at the end of the game, wins!

 Game Play (simplified)

  •  Every player chooses two destination cards and a hand of train cards.
  • Each destination card has a specific train route on it. Your job is to complete that route.
  • Players match the color of their train cards with the tracks they want to travel on their map, then play their pieces when it is their turn.
  • Players earn points for completed routes, as well as for the size of the route and individual journeys they complete.
  • Player with the most points at the end of the game, wins!

Full rules available here

ticket to ride cards
Colorful train cards
ticket to ride map
The Ticket to Ride playing map

 Gaming Discussions for Ticket to Ride:

  • If you could take a train anywhere, where would it be and why?
  • What do you enjoy most about this game?
  • In this game it is possible to block someone from something they needed to do to win? How can a player be kind and loving, while still playing to win?

Parent Approved Game Play:  10

  • This game has an accessible rule set
  • The rules allow players to be as casual, or as competitive, as they would like
  • Violence free: There is no killing in the game
  • Positive focus: Even when competing the game is setup to encourage you to do your best, not to take pleasure in watching others fail.

Constructive Language: 10

  • the game rules, directions, and story do not contain any negative language.
  • The game is setup to encourage players to play with each other, even while competing for the same goal.

Spiritually Sound: 10

  • This game only deals with trains, travel and tickets. No spirituality at all.

Family Safe: 10

  • Yes! Fits a large age range. I’ve played with 6 year olds – 60 year olds, and all have enjoyed it. There is plenty for everyone to sink their teeth into.

Safe for Time and Money : 10

  • A round of Ticket to Ride takes about 45 minutes once you know the rules.
  • Ticket to Ride is a one-time purchase kind of game.
  • There are multiple versions, however you don’t need to own them all. Simply pick one that looks interesting and go for it! The original Ticket To Ride and Ticket to Ride: Europe versions are both very popular.

Positive Message: 10

  • You are competing to win, however the message is to do your best.
  • Players are allowed options in how they play: They can go out of their way to mess up another player’s game, choose to support the progress of another player in the game, or simply play their own hand and hope for the best.

In Summary:

Ticket to Ride is a great option for parties, hangouts, family nights, school events or any activity that calls for an engaging game for a variety of ages and interest. This is a safe one to add to your collection if you are looking for a new addition!


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