DOOM (2016)

DOOM (2016)

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                • Well known title (from 1993)
                • Incredible graphics
                • Engaging gameplay
                • You kill demons (not police officers)


                • Focus on gore
                • Spiritually dark
                • Celebrates brutality.
                • You're in hell. That's the good news...

                So what is  DOOM?

                DOOM (2016) is part first-person shooter, part survival-horror. Their tag-line says a lot: “Fight like hell”.

                DOOM (2016): Your entire job is to violently beat back legions of demons.
                DOOM (2016): Your entire job is to violently beat back legions of demons.

                The game premise is simple: You are a space marine stranded on Mars.  Aportal has been opened to hell and you are the only one who can stop it. I said it was simple, not logical.

                There is very little problem-s0lving in the game beyond how and when to evicerate the demon hordes. Players have a host of weapons at their disposal:

                • pistols
                • shotguns
                • rocket launchers
                • the ever-famous chainsaw

                The goal is to kill a variety of demons and purge the evil from this reality. Of course, this can only be done through intense and incredibly graphic violence.

                So, is DOOM worth the violence?

                No. DOOM focuses on death and killing as a major part of the plot and gaming experience. They put a lot of time into:

                • making a big deal about how things die
                • how they look as they die
                • and how you play a role in them dying

                Making a big deal about how things die

                There are a lot of games the include violence. I’m not against all of them. Doom goes beyond killing armed combatants and revels in death. So much so that there is a 9 minute montage on youtube simply of these “glory killings“. (graphic content in this link)

                DOOM (2016): amazing lighting and graphics
                DOOM looks incredibly realistic.

                How they look as they die

                Doom is incredibly realistic. It builds suspense with sound, lighting and graphics that are incredible. Yet the beauty of the graphics is simply to further enhance the brutality of the character, horror and gameplay.

                How you play a role in them dying

                It’s one thing for someone to die a gruesome death. It’s another thing for you to be rewarded for instigating that horrific death.

                For example, you can: (graphic content in these links)

                Conclusion: Not worth it for young gamers

                The game designers put a lot of blood in this game. So much that it gets nearly comical. That’s probably not a heart we want for our young gamers. Parents should avoid this game for young gamers.

                Talk about this game with your gamer:

                • Why did the game designers choose demons instead of aliens / humans / robots?
                • What do you enjoy most about this game? Is there another game that is similarly enjoyable and more positive in it’s delivery?
                • DOOM is a game focused around fear and violence. What do we want our lives to focus on? What would it look like to play a game that is still fun but focuses on hope and redemption?
                • What is one way we can self-check to ensure we’re healthy in our gaming?

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                Alternative Games: 

                Splatoon: Game alternative for DOOM.

                Splatoon (Wii U)A creative twist on shoouncharted 4: game alternative for DOOMters – it’s a team oriented, paint-blasting good time for all ages.


                Uncharted 4 (Play Station 4): This is what Tomb Raider was supposed to be. You are a treasure hunter with a solid series that focuses on intense storyline, incredible graphics and doesn’t sacrifice action in the mean time. This game still has violence.

                Halo: Game alternative for DOOM

                Halo (xBox) The writer of this review is a fan of the original Halo series (specifically Combat Evolved). Halo: Combat Evolved (the first one) is still rated mature due to gore, however gore isn’t the point of the game. There is plenty of action and killing, and the hero is far from a perfect individual, but the plot is engaging beyond “Hey, look! Demon spawn!”  I talk more about First Person Shooters in other posts.


                General Info:

                DOOM: Appropriate For 17+                                          

                Platform:  Playstation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC                                   

                Rated: Mature (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language)