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Nintendo Switch: The best and worst of gaming (Part 1)

Nintendo Switch: Review

The Switch represents the best and worst of gaming. The biggest advances for Nintendo are coming this next year as they get ready to release their newest gaming console: The Nintendo Switch. The Switch represents the best and the worst of gaming in a single console. Oh sure, Nintendo recently made news by selling nearly 200,000 units of their throwback entertainment system, The NES Classic, in a single month. Nintendo has long made their standard the family-friendly, graphics-light, casual gamer category. But the Switch is hoping to take that to the next level. The Best and the Worse: Watch this first. To fully…

Ticket to Ride: Board Game Review

Ticket to Ride: A board game for every player

Ticket to Ride: A great game for any age People are always looking for a family activity where they can uplug from the t.v., cell phones, video games, and activities that draw us apart, and do something together. Board games are a great option, and Ticket to Ride is a crowd pleaser that fits well with any number of playing environments. family game night kids playing with friends board game nights with adult friends board game club at a junior high (I’ve done it. It’s awesome.) trying to win Uncle of the Year award with nieces and nephews (done that too) This…

DOOM (2016): A One-Trick Pony

Doom: Game Review. Is it worth the gore?

The Problem of Problems The premise of Doom (2016) is simple: You are a space marine stranded on Mars.  A portal has been opened to hell and you are the only one who can stop it. I said it was simple, not logical. The problem-s0lving in DOOM is limited to how and when you evicerate the demon hordes. Players have a host of grisly weapons at their disposal: pistol shotgun machine gun rocket launcher chainsaw So, is DOOM worth the violence? No. DOOM focuses on death and killing as a major part of the plot and gaming experience. They put…