Black Ops 3

Black Ops 3

Parent Approved Hero


    Appropriate Combat


      Constructive Language


        Spiritually Sound


          Family Safe


            Safe for Time and Money


              Positive Messages



                • fast-paced action
                • well designed gameplay
                • high-end graphics


                • violence is the answer
                • torture, executions and graphic death
                • dark spiritual themes
                • hard to supervise multiplayer
                • paying for upgrades is encouraged

                Parents Need to Know: Black Ops 3

                Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is a professional caliber First Person Shooter designed as a platform for competitive gamers to try their hand in tournament play. Yes, anyone can play it, but that is not the goal. The game developers dumped tons of cash into graphics, development, a fancy online store called “The Black Market” and a worldwide tournament mode that is live every Tuesday and Wednesday.

                This is a well made game, but the heart of it  elevates a viewpoint that laughs at suffering, idolizes those who can establish power over others, and views killing as the ultimate form of power since it is the only way problems are solved in the game (as shown through story line, humor, promo videos, etc).

                Appropriate For: 17+                                            

                Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows

                Rated: Mature (17+)

                Gaming Discussions: Keep the lines of communication open with your gamer.

                • What has been the most exciting part about this game so far?
                • Discuss the heart of killing in a game: How does it make them feel? What’s the risk of this heart attitude in real life? (Romans 8:5)
                • This game has a strong message of vengeance and fixing things with our strength. What does God say about taking revenge? (Romans 12:19-20) What are we called to do in Christ? (Romans 13:9)

                Grade Details

                Parent Approved Hero: 3

                • Black Ops 3 has a universal solution: Kill all problems.
                • The hero doesn’t have specifically evil motives; he also isn’t very creative about how to solve problems.
                • In the course of the game you will attempt to kill enemies, teammates and even yourself.
                • Hero shows a commitment to the greater good over even his own while trying to defeat global threats.
                • On a couple occasions the hero tortures and even executes individuals who he sees as threats.

                Appropriate Combat:  2

                • Black Ops 3 starts off with your player being graphically dismembered by an enemy robot.
                • There is a LOT of killing. In online mode killing is the only goal. Kill more of them than they kill of you and you win.
                • In campaign mode (the story mode) players can blow enemies up or dismember enemies.
                • You can turn off gore, but that doesn’t change the killing. Enemies scream in pain.
                • There are scenes of torture and execution in the cut scenes.
                • If you are good at the game you will kill a lot of people.
                • Multiplayer is a major focus, so you’re constantly engaged in battling real people.

                Constructive Language: 2

                • There is a lot of chatter in campaign mode between the player and the other story characters.
                • The in-game dialogue includes as*, bas***d, f**k, sh*t. Starts in the opening scene. Not every line, but they are there.
                • Highly-competitive online multiplayer frequently includes cursing by other real-life players.

                Spiritually Sound: 3

                • Black Ops 3 has two pretty dark and spiritually disturbing modes:
                  • Nightmare
                  • Zombie storyline
                • Each includes undead as well as deities that are possessing people and battle for control of the world.
                • Nightmare mode takes the regular story line and includes zombies and supernatural beings.
                • Zombie storyline includes references to marks of the beast, a dark view of the afterlife.
                • A major plot point includes killing characters and capturing their souls to accomplish the mission.

                Family Safe: 3

                • Realistic, fast-paced, violent combat is the forefront of this game
                • The story line includes global domination, betrayal, murder, and vengeance.
                • The main campaign includes themes of terrorism, torture, and execution.
                • Themes of mass destruction (deaths of 300,000 in a single blast) and xenocide (death of all humans)
                • Alternate modes which include dark themes of evil deities raising armies of undead and human possessions

                Safe for Time and Money: 2

                • The true purpose of this game isn’t for the average gamer. Black Ops 3 is an e-sport game
                • Black Ops 3 has a big push to purchase great weaponry and unique skins (custom looks for characters or weapons).
                  • You can earn points in-game OR just pay a few bucks and get them now.
                • You can’t just buy what you want. You buy a box that gives you a CHANCE to get what you want.
                • This game glorifies killing and violence, and doing so with style. It is not designed for younger gamers and older gamers will need to be intentional about looking at WHY they play.

                Positive Message: 2

                • The main character is not specifically evil: He does the job he was hired to do.
                • The game is not just violent but graphically so: executions, torture, dismemberment
                • there is never a theme of hope, even when you beat the game. Either:
                  • the bad guy basically wins
                  • you’re stuck with a crazy deity who wants to kill all the others

                Alternative Games:

                Black Ops 3 Alternate Game Choice 1Star Wars Battlefront (2015): This game is rated Teen and scores much higher on themes, spirituality, violence, gore and language. It’s a new game (2015) that still gets great reviews and tons of people play. It does have violence. You do shoot other players. It lacks the grotesque murders, executions and dark spiritual themes of Black Ops 3.

                Remember: Always monitor who your gamers is playing with and interacting with in online forums and gameplay.


                Black Ops 3 alternate game choice 2Plants and Zombies is rated E for everyone. It’s a strategy game based off using your plant army to defeat invading zombies. As you progress in levels the challenges get tougher and you upgrade your units to stay competitive. You can definitely play this game without buying any additional add-ons.