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“Is this game safe for my child to play?”

We want these to be a guide for parent-player conversations about games and allow for educated gaming decisions based on Christ-centered principals. If you want more info on how we go about grading games, you can check out our Game Review Scoring Guide.


Overall Grade:  2.8 (fairly safe – for an FPS)

Grade Summary: Violence is the answer in this Destiny. This game scores better than the average FPS in almost every category, making it appeal to a wide audience. However it is not intended to be beaten quickly, so caution should be given to the addiction-factor.


  • Violence & Gore: 2
  • Sexuality: 4
  • Profanity: 4 (in-game) / 2 (online)
  • Spirituality: 3
  • Length of Play: 1
  • Theme: 3


Platforms: Xbox One, Playstation 4, PlayStation3, Xbox 360


Game Summary:  Destiny is a mix between First Person Shooter (FPS) like Halo 4 and a Role Playing Game (RPG) like Sky Rim. Your character is a Guardian, a resurrected hero from a previous age, equipped with special powers and chosen to save the universe from evil. This game is intended to be played for a long period of time. According to Eurogamer, the designers of Destiny plan to continue to develop the game and storyline over the course of years. Destiny is not intended to simply be beaten and walked away from. The game itself is violent but not overly gorey, focuses on incredible graphics and physically destroying enemies in order to save yourself. The gore, swearing, sexuality and spirituality are far less than similar shooting games; however the play time is intended to be incredibly high.



Violence & Gore: 2

  • There is a lot of shooting in the game, although there is basically no gore. Some splashes of black and white when certain enemies take damage. Destroyed enemies disappear into a vaporous light.
  • There is still a lot of violence, since the only way to solve a problem in the game is to kill it.

Sexuality: 4

  • There is no sexuality to speak of in Destiny. All characters are clothed, there is nothing sexual or suggestive in nature in the plot.
  • Players can be either female or male characters; they are similar in outward appearance due to their armor.

Profanity: 4/2

  • There is no swearing in the game except in online play. Online play frequently has racial, sexual or gender epithets used by other live players.
  • This is not the worst online gaming community. They are not particularly combative or unwelcoming to beginners.
  • Online play can be cooperative, so players all work toward a common goal. This lessons the amount of cruelty directed at players.

Spirituality: 3

  • One of the three player classes available is the warlock. This character wields some sort of magical or psionic power to shoot bolts of energy and otherwise destroy enemies.
  • The term warlock hearkens to other references to male wizards. Warlocks are frequently the ones who deal with demons and the darker spiritual world in other games such as Dungeons and Dragons
  • Your character is resurrected from the dead to start the game by your robot sidekick called a Ghost.
  • The Traveler, a giant sphere of goodness that visited earth and is the reason you exist at all, is sort of a god-like entity that protects the last remnants of goodness. You are attempting to save with your super-awesome fighting powers.

Length of Play: 1

Adult themes: 3Watch Cyberbully (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

  • Much like the review of Halo 4, this game deals with the pending destruction of Earth and all the rest of humanity by some evil alien folk.
  • The only apparent way to restore good in the world is to destroy evil physically.
  • Guardians, of which your character is one, are resurrected super human entities with skills that only apply to killing stuff. None of them are excellent chefs or other artisans, apparently. This sort of kill-only mentality does seem to create a fairly hopeless world. What does your character do once they kill their way to peace again?

DLC (Downloadable Content)

  • There have been two smaller DLC released so far. These cost $20 a piece and extend game play a bit with extra levels and missions.
  • A massive expansion just came out on September 15th, 2015, called “The Taken King”. It costs $40, which is basically a new game and add more levels, weapons and make some major changes to the game.
    • Namely the voice actor for your robot sidekick will be entirely replaced.
    • The leveling up system will be completely changed.
    • The weapon powers will be rebalanced because some were over-powered.
    • That means you’re in $140+ for this game: original + 3 expansions.

This review is based off of player feedback, in-person interviews and online research that includes Plugged-In, Trusted Reviews, Wikipedia, Guide2Games, and Common Sense Media.