We need to change the way we game.

Many of us can think of someone we know who has gamed instead of dealing with real life. Many of us can think of a time we’ve done that ourselves.

We just want to get away from real life; to create a reality that is more appealing.

The goal of this blog is to be a resource for parents of young gamers to learn about gaming from a Christ-centered viewpoint. I want to see us all change the way we game.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

This site is to help parents:

  • Learn why gamers game
  • Understand the signs and dangers of addictive gaming.
  • Give insights and encouragement for healthy lives

My goal in all of this is to point those who lack hope to the hope that is in Jesus Christ. It’s not a declaration of what we need to do, but of what He has already done. That’s the heart of the gospel: God has taken what we deserve (death) and gives us what we don’t deserve (life and freedom) so we can love others in ways we never could on our own strength.

As a community we can raise awareness on the reality and dangers of video game addiction and be a resource for parents struggling to help their young gamers as they struggle with addiction.

Together we can point fellow parents and loved ones towards the freedom that is in Jesus Christ and His incredible power to break the cycle of addiction. Parents don’t fix their gamer, they love their gamers in ways that Christ loves them. In short, the gospel applied to gaming will break addiction, because it no longer is a will-power thing. Unhealthy gaming really comes down to believing who God says he is.

I will not over-simplify the complexity of something as difficult as gaming addiction and the fact it exists on a spectrum ranging from addictive tendencies to full-blown addiction. I also won’t deny the fact that it exists because I am one who has seen its power in my own life and in the lives of people I love.

Life is too short to be bored. I firmly believe that we are created for games. Every one of us is hardwired for joy, relationship and interaction, for that awe-factor that we all have as children and seem to lose with age.

If we are to continue growing and being inspired in a healthy way, we need to change the way we game.